Frequently Asked Questions

All of Your Questions Answered

Ahhh, yes…the million dollar question, which is why we list it first in our FAQ. Order Patrol has no subscription fees. It is only 49¢ per transaction, paid for by the guests. 

Instead of trying to explain it in a paragraph, go here to our How it Works page.

Easy, click on any of the big “Get Started” or “Sign-Me Up” buttons located on all over the website, or just click here.

Account set-up will vary depending on the size of your menu and how many configurations you have, but most of our users set-up their accounts in a couple of hours.

Yes, Order Patrol will set-up your account and menu for $199 for 100 menu items, and $49 for every 100 items after that (reminder: if you pay for set-up, we will apply the $50 activation fee towards your payment, which brings it down to $149 for the first 100 items). You can click here to pay for set-up.

Order Patrol uses the Star Micronics printer and you can easily order it on Amazon by clicking right here. We make zero profit from the printer, FYI.

At this time, orders can only be sent to one printer, though we are working on changing this. However, you can easily use a device (i.e. iPhone, iPad, Android) to accept the orders, so the printer could be in the kitchen and a device could be behind the bar. When an order comes in, the device makes a notification sound to alert the bartenders and they can see the order right on the screen. In addition, you can add as many users and devices to your Order Patrol account so anyone can receive a notification of an order on their device.

The QR menu code can be found on your dashboard under ‘Menu Integration’.

You should have some sort of indicator for the table number on each table. Again, there are a variety of ways you can do this to make it look nice. Whoever is seating or greeting your guests should point out both the QR code and the table number to the guests.

For food trucks, you can have your QR menu code on your website, as well as right on the side of your truck. Your customers simply scan the code and place their orders. When paying for their order, they will be required to enter their name, so when it prints up, you will be able to see the name on each order so you can call it out when it’s ready. Most of our food truck users just staple the ticket to the bag and call out the name.

Bar Patrol Inventory App is our sister company. For as little as $49/month you can have a cutting-edge inventory system for counting quickly, doing automatic ordering and invoicing, and running in-depth analytical reports, including the variance report which shows down to the 1/00th of an oz. how accurately your bartenders are pouring. You can learn more by visiting the Bar Patrol website here.

For payment integration we use Stripe, which is the #1 online payment platform. It is easy to sign-up and it’s free. We show you how to easily set this up.

Right now, Order Patrol is able to integrate directly with Revel, Toast, Clover, Par Pixel Point, Thrive and ?. In addition, through a 3rd party site (, Order Patrol can integrate with more than 40 other POS systems ($85 monthly subscription through required). 

When paying, an option to tip pops up in the cart, which people are used to doing these days. You even have the option to provide a reminder to your guests to tip if they have forgotten.