Bars, Restaurants and Breweries

Allow Your Guests to be in Control

Whether you are a pub, brewery or full service restaurant, GoTab’s POS system allows the guests to create their own experience and their own pace by starting their own tab and ordering what they want when they want.

Happy Staff, Happy Guests

Employees might love GoTab even more than management. With the ability for guests to order from their phones and have faster service, servers can focus more on upselling, increasing table touches, have meaningful interactions and in return receive higher tips.

Put it On the Tab

Open multiple digital tabs from the same table, meaning you can host big parties and give guests the option to either start their own tab or join in on an existing one. In addition, guests can split the tab on multiple credit cards, or pay for it all on one tab.

Always There

Keep in constant communication with your guests with two-way texting. Stay on top of providing great service and eliminate issues that may arise in real-time.

The Impact

“I would say GoTab as contemplated pre-virus was simply an ordering utility. Now, with 100% of our activity at our restaurants going through that, now it’s not just an ordering platform […] but it’s an experience platform.”
Dominic Engles
Former CEO Stone Brewing