Food Trucks and Ghost Kitchens

Roll Out the Hospitality and Skyrocket Your Profits

Whether you’re a food truck or a ghost kitchen, this is a match made in heaven with GoTab’s interactive menu and online ordering capabilities.

Turn Long Lines into Big Profits

GoTab’s POS ordering system is as fast and mobile as your food truck. Instead of spending time taking orders, allow your guests to view your menu and order right from their phones. 

Text Customers When Their Order is Ready

As soon as the food is in the bag (or basket), simply send out a text notification that their order is ready and move on to the next. Use GoTab’s power and efficiency to churn out orders and skyrocket your profits.

Launch Your Ghost Kitchen and Start Making Money Now

Set up a ghost kitchen that operates in your space with no extra hardware. Or, create a pop up restaurant without worrying about bulky technology burdens. With GoTab, you can customize your menus in real-time with photos, videos, and detailed descriptions. 

We wouldn’t be able to operate Vegas Test Kitchen without the help of GoTab’s technology. Not only was it a cost-effective and easy-to-set up solution for us to implement when we opened, but it also allows us to scale operations with less staff than we would normally need.
Jolene Mannina
Owner, Vegas Test Kitchen