Golf Courses

Go For The Green

With GoTab’s QR code order & pay technology, you have no idea how quickly you can skyrocket your profits at your golf course. Besides using GoTab for your bar and restaurant, your golfers can order from the beer cart at anytime on the course simply by placing the QR code in each of the golf carts.

Increase Beer Cart Profits

Stop allowing your beer cart person to drive around aimlessly looking for sales. By placing a QR code in each cart, your golfers can order any food and drink on your cart and your beer cart person can deliver it right to them, increasing your sales exponentially.

Take Advantage of the 9th Hole

Any golfer knows that in order to get food and drinks at the turn involves rushing frantically to the snack shack or food counter and trying to order before the group behind them catches up. So much so that many golfers just say, “Forget it.”

But with GoTab, golfers can order at the 9th hole and pay, and their food and drinks will be waiting for them at the turn so they can gather and go quickly.

mobile ordering for breweries

Streamline Your Entire System

By using GoTab POS for your bar, restaurant and the course itself, you can streamline your entire business and increase your sales and profits at the same time.

As we adopted QR code ordering throughout our venue...we were able to handle 25% more orders before the pandemic hit, thanks to GoTab.
Camilo Rivera
General Manager, The Delegate