Give Your Hotel Guests the Luxury Experience They Deserve

No matter where your guests are in your hotel, they can use GoTab to order anything from anywhere at any time directly from their phones. All orders are routed to restaurant and/or front desk.

Ordering system for hotels
GoTab is the best solution for contactless ordering and payment in the current landscape. It has given us the tools to pivot during this past year, and we’re excited to evolve our hospitality service model to blend technology and in-person hospitality, particularly for our luxury clientele.
Camilo Rivera
General Manager, The Delegate a Marriott Property
hotel order & pay

Room Service

Did you know that 90% of hotel guests order room service with GoTab instead of calling the front desk This is because it is so easy. Guests are able to scan the QR code and order directly from the interactive menu. Orders are routed to the kitchen and the staff delivers directly to the room. Tabs may be left open during their stay or closed out each day.

Bar & Restaurant

Provide a seamless and efficient dining experience for your hotel guests in your bar and restaurant. Allow them to control their own experience by ordering directly from their devices with your staff nearby to support and deliver great service.

Pools & Cabanas

Thousands of dollars are lost each year because guests are having too much fun in the sun to leave the pool and walk to the bar and restaurant to order. With GoTab, they simply scan the QR code, order, and wait for their food and drinks to be delivered to them.

Gift Shop

Enter all of your gift shop products into the POS system and your guests can order and pay from their phones or pay the shop employee directly.

We have been able to optimize our culinary operations and handle an exponentially higher volume of orders thanks to GoTab’s technology. This has led to robust sales and a 240% increase year-over-year in F&B revenue.
Zach Dimmitt
Food & Beverage Director, The Hilton Omaha