Mobile Payment Device

Yet Another Payment Option For Your Guests

GoTab’s “Host Display Device” is one more tool you can use to allow your guests to choose their own dining experience, whether that means paying on their phone, or paying with a credit card.

Adapt to Your Guests’ Dining Preferences

With the GoTab mobile payment device, you can accept physical cards from your guests right at the table. Every GoTab PAX Hand-Held Payment Terminal comes pre-installed with our proprietary software and offers your guests a quick, simple, and safe way to pay.

The PAX Hand-Held provides all the features of a POS, but allows your servers to handle the entire transaction at the table. Let your servers spend less time running orders to the kitchen or POS terminal and more time with your guests.

Hand-Held Features

  • Quickly run cards right at the table
  • Seamless tab-splitting
  • Print physical receipts
  • Servers can start and add to a digital check, and seamlessly pass it off to your guests via text or a shareable QR
  • Track server tables and tips throughout their shift
  • Both servers and guests can add to the digital check simultaneously
  • Guests can view their tab on their personal mobile device or directly on the PAX Hand-Held and pay when they’re ready
  • Print a physical receipt directly from the Host Display should your guest request a physical copy
  • Combine the convenience of QR-based order & pay with the hand-held device and give your guests the choice