The All-in-One POS & Ordering Platform [For FREE]

Now more than ever, you have to make the most of every guest interaction. Whether they are dining in or ordering online, your guests should be allowed to guide their own experience, one that is responsive to their needs and preferences. The GoTab Restaurant POS is a cloud-based POS that you can use to run lean, profitable restaurant, bar and brewery operations. 

GoTab Lets Your Servers Do More

Servers and managers can start and add to a digital check, and seamlessly pass it off to your guests. With less time spent taking orders and entering them into a legacy POS, your staff can focus on what matters: your guests.   

When guests are ready, they can close out their tab on their mobile device via Credit Card, Apple Pay, or Android Pay. Guests who prefer the traditional payment process can also pay with a physical card.

GoTab POS Products

  • POS Terminal and KDS Display Station – High-definition screen with waterproofing front display and 10-point capacitive touch.
  • Hand-held Ordering Tablet – Lightweight and easy to carry, allows your team to have mobile ordering capability.
  • Pax Hand-held Payment Terminal – Powerful terminal that processes physical credit cards. Can be used with POS Terminal Station, a Hand-Held Ordering Tablet, or any other GoTab-enabled device.
  • GoTab Router – Small network device that sends orders from GoTab as well as any existing POS to existing printers.
  • Cash Drawer – Five bill six coin cash tray.

GoTab Restaurant POS Features

  • Durable, low-cost, high-quality hardware
  • No contracts or subscriptions required 
  • Simple, fast easy set-up
  • Integrates with GoTab’s top of line contactless ordering and handheld terminals
  • Cloud-based: access your POS data anywhere
  • Dedicated support staff available during all operating hours 
  • Orderable directly from the GoTab Store
Their willingness to update and customize the platform’s features for our specific needs at the championship allowed our team to deliver an added value experience for our clients and thoroughly vet the technology for future use at other major events with Ridgewells.
Megan Zebrak
General & Major Events Manager at Ridgewells