A Free POS and Ordering System For the Perfect Dining Experience

GoTab is a FREE POS, ordering and payment system that optimizes the customer experience and increases employee efficiency for bars, restaurants, hotels, food trucks, cafes, coffee shops, music & sports venues and more.

And it’s free for you to use. Forever. Not kidding.

"We get compliments constantly. The amount of repeat business is outrageous at this point … At least five or six times a night I get people coming up to me after their meal and telling me how much of a better dining experience this is because they feel more empowered."
Josh Phillips
Co-Founder, Espita

Why Choose GoTab?

Customers Love It

These days, customers love to be in control of their own experience. No more waiting to order, to get refills or pay when you’re ready to leave. Did you know?

  • 73% OF CONSUMERS said they plan to reduce their use of cash at restaurants moving forward.
  • 49% OF CONSUMERS would like to minimize human interaction by reserving tables, ordering, and paying through a mobile device.
  • 46% OF CONSUMERS want to settle the bill on a mobile app without waiting for a server.

Your Staff Makes More Money

Worried that your employees will think they’re being replaced? It’s quite the opposite. Employees absolutely LOVE GoTab. Why? Because they make more moneyand they spend less time running around being frantic. Everyone wins! How do they make more money, you ask?

  • Table sections are bigger
  • Tabs are 30% larger
  • 20% faster table-turnover
  • More time for meaningful conversation with guests
"By turning our staff into a team of multi-faceted, customer service experts, we’ve given them the opportunity to learn more and grow in their position at Maketto. Instead of having 10-12 FOH people on the floor at once, we now have 5 people to ensure our guests have the best experience on-site. This also means our tip pool is smaller and so our staff earns more tips than they did in the past."
Keem Hughly
Director of Sales, Maketto

Two-Way Texting

This is the way of the new generation. No more neck-craning searching for your server. With two-way texting, guests can text their server to request refills, an extra set of silverware or anything else they need. 

In addition, the kitchen is able to text guests if they run out of anything or to clarify modifications.

A Single System That Does it All

Contactless Ordering & Payment

With Order Patrol, guests have complete control over their own experience, including interactive menu, contactless ordering, shared tabs, split checks, two-way texting with the servers, and payment directly from their devices, or with credit card, Apple Pay or Android Pay. It’s like putting the POS system right into the guests’ hands.

A Full-Featured POS System [For Free]

Run the GoTab POS cloud-based software from any Apple, Android or Windows device for free (stand and cash drawer optional). The POS system speaks directly to all digital tabs, sends orders to the printer and Kitchen Display System, and it includes complete menu management and backend sales data and labor reporting. 

>>See Hardware Options

Online Ordering, Take-Out & Delivery

With the POS integration, restaurants are able to create their own online ordering platform, as well as first-party delivery systems or integrate directly with 3rd-party delivery like Doordash and Postmates. Geofencing of delivery areas and delivery address verification through Google Maps API allows you to create route optimization for drivers by time or distance.

Management Dashboard

With the Manager App you are able to view data in real time, manage your menus, view all tabs, both opened and closed, manage take-out and delivery orders, create, customize and update seating zones, manage payment processors and gift cards, view daily sales and labor reports and export to Excel…and more.

Did You Know...

And these numbers are growing every day.

Try it Yourself

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Do More With Less

1 %
increase in sales
1 %
faster table-turnover
1 %
lower labor costs

Stone Brewing, the largest brewery in Southern California, switched to using GoTab and as a result ended up reducing their labor costs by 8%.

Stone Brewing

Guinness Open Gate Brewery says GoTab helps them achieve “insane check averages”, with an increase of 75% to 100% per guest since turning to GoTab...

Open Gate Guinness Brewery

Oh yeah, By the Way, I'm dave...

…founder and CEO of Order Patrol (as well as Bar Patrol Inventory App). I have been the bar and restaurant industry for more than 30 years now and I have worked with hundreds of bars and restaurants, helping them systemize their business and providing them with an unfair advantage when it comes to improving efficiency, marketing and making more money.

The one thing I’ve learned in all my years helping bars & restaurants succeed is:

If you don’t take action and adapt to the new way of doing things, you will die!

I’m going to show you why here at Order Patrol we believe GoTab is the Holy Grail of POS and ordering platforms that bars and restaurants are using to improve operations, elevate the customer experience, increase employee happiness and make more money than ever.

Ok, let’s answer a few important questions:

How Does it Work Exactly?

Check it Out

Pricing - Is it Really Free?

YES! There is no cost to use GoTab. We have simple, transparent pricing and no contracts. We only charge a 1% transaction fee for the guests, and our processing rates match or beat competitor rates, making GoTab the most affordable QR-based ordering, payment, and POS system on the market. In addition, when you click on any of the buttons on this site to set-up a demo, GoTab will waive the $1,000 onboarding and set-up fee.
You are also able to use all of your existing hardware, such as printers, tablets, kitchen display systems, but if you need more hardware, we have it available for purchase.
>>See Hardware Options

We Only Make Money When You Do

Monthly Fees


We have no monthly fees or pricing tiers. Every single feature listed below is available for you to use for free. Forever. Not Kidding.

No Contracts

Stop Anytime

Nobody should be forced into using a system they do not want or like. We require no contracts and have no hidden fees, which makes GoTab absolutely risk-free.



If you have your own hardware, it will cost you nothing. Our system works on any iOS, Android or Windows device. We can also connect with most printers. If you need hardware, just ask and we will give you an extremely reasonable custom quote.     >>Check out Hardware here

Set-Up & Onboarding



GoTab set-up, onboarding and training fees are normally around $1,000, but when you sign-up through Order Patrol, GoTab will wave the $1,000 set-up fee and set you up for free. This includes your entire menu and backend. Just click on any of the “Schedule a Demo” buttons on this site so they know that you came from Order Patrol.

Processing Fees

2.0% + 15¢ (Present)

2.5% + 25¢ (Not Present)

Our processing fees are some of the lowest in the industry, and if you find something better, we will price match it.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. And we don’t charge extra for American Express.

24/7 Support


There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to figure something out or running into a problem and having nobody there to help. GoTab has 24/7 chat and phone support to make sure you get exactly what you need to succeed.

Here's Everything You Get...

For the Operator & Staff

  • Full-featured POS, KDS & Manager Dashboard
  • Run Dine-in, Take-Out & Delivery From One Platform
  • Two-Way Text With Guests
  • Real-Time Notifications
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Orders Routed to Assigned Stations (i.e. Bar & Kitchen)
  • Delivery Zone Mapping
  • Menu Management
  • Forced Modifiers + Upsell Modifiers
  • Floor Management With Unlimited Zones (Areas)
  • Free Onboarding & Account Set-Up
  • Dedicated 24/7 Support Team

For the Guest

  • No App Download
  • No Waiting to Order or Pay
  • Two-Way Text With Server & Kitchen
  • Order & Pay at the Table
  • Online Ordering & Delivery
  • Keep Tab Open for Individuals or Groups
  • Share Tab With Others
  • Split Checks
  • Dietary constraints filters (vegan, veg, GF, etc.)
  • Curbside Pickup Auto Input (color, model, etc.)
  • Pay With Credit Card, Apple Pay or Google Pay
People are so excited that they don’t have to wait to order anymore. Whether they want another round or forgot a food item, the convenience is next-level.
Stephen Dorame
Assistant General Manager, Arts District Brewing Co.

Who Can Use GoTab?

Bars & Clubs

From the cocktail tables to the back patio to the darkest corners of your bar, club or lounge, guests can order what they want, when they want.


Need another beer? Guests can peruse your selection of draft. and bottled beers, choose what they want, and place their order.


Whether you are a casual dining restaurant or full-service, use the order and pay option to increase efficiency, table-turnover rate and sales.

Food Trucks

Spend less time taking orders and more time cooking them. Put the QR menu code right on the side of your truck and allow your customers to order.

Coffee Shops

Avoid the line by ordering ahead of time or while sitting at the table. Your staff makes the drinks, and then calls out the customer’s name.


Your guests can order from the bar & restaurant, the pool & cabanas, and they can even order room service delivered directly to their rooms.

Golf Courses

Order from the beer cart, or while on the 9th hole. Simply scan the QR menu code, order & pay and have their food waiting for them at the turn.

Sports Venues

Allow your VIP fans to order from their club level seats for both sports and music venues and have their food and drinks delivered directly.

Just a Few of Our Amazing Clients

"By turning our staff into a team of multi-faceted, customer service experts, we’ve given them the opportunity to learn more and grow in their position at Maketto. Instead of having 10-12 FOH people on the floor at once, we now have 5 people to ensure our guests have the best experience on-site. This also means our tip pool is smaller and so our staff earns more tips than they did in the past."
Keem Hughly
Director of Sales, Maketto

All Of Your Questions Answered Here

$0.00. GoTab costs nothing for you, the owner, to use. No monthly fees, no onboarding or set-up fees, no contracts, cancel anytime. Through the QR code, guests will pay a 1% fee. Our processing fees are the lowest in the business: 2.0% + 15¢ for card present, or 2.5% + 25¢ for card not present. If you find a lower processing fee, let us know and we will match it.

Not a chance! We believe you should be using GoTab because you love it, not because you’re forced to use it based on a contract. No contract required. Simply complete the customer onboarding process and we’ll get you started.

This is the most common fear of owners and managers who want to take care of employees who fear they will be replaced, but without a doubt, employee absolutely love GoTab. They have less steps to take care of the guests, which means they can handle larger table sections. In addition, tabs are 30% larger and table-turnover is 20% faster so everyone is making more money.

Easy. It’s best if you speak to a GoTab specialist so you can ask questions and they can learn more about your business. Just click on any of the big “Schedule a Demo” or “Get Started” buttons located on all over this page, or just click here

Nope, we set you up for free.

Once we receive your paperwork, we can typically complete setup and launch in a minimum of two weeks. Sometimes sooner.

No. GoTab does not require any special hardware. If you already have hardware, more likely than not the GoTab software will run on what you already have. We also offer hardware for operators who are just getting started or who need new hardware (click here to view hardware options). If you would like to run GoTab to your printers, you will need to purchase a GoTab router for a nominal fee.

No. There are no extra fees to use the GoTab POS. This entire system is entirely free for you to use.

Yes, we integrate with a handful of POS systems and will be looking to add more. Ask us about which ones we integrate with.

Yes. We are always rolling out new integrations to third-party systems. Click here to view our current integrations. Contact us if you have a request.

GoTab processes the payments and deposits the funds into your account.

Yes. GoTab offers a PAX handheld terminal, and you can also run our POS on any standard tablet device.

Bar Patrol Inventory App is our sister company. For as little as $49/month you can have a cutting-edge inventory system for counting quickly, doing automatic ordering and invoicing, and running in-depth analytical reports, including the variance report which shows down to the 1/00th of an oz. how accurately your bartenders are pouring. You can learn more by visiting the Bar Patrol website here.

It’s both actually. Everything is run through the GoTab POS system, including the interactive menu, the orders and the payments. However, if you have your own POS system already, that’s fine too. GoTab will work seamlessly as your main mobile ordering system, and at the end of the night, all sales data can be entered into your POS for sales and accounting purposes.

Speak with GoTab and Get Started Today

Happy guests. Happy Staff. More turnover. Higher sales.