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Create a fast, safe experience for your guests, all while reducing labor costs. No app necessary.

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Safe, Simple, Convenient

Contactless Menu

Guests simply scan the QR menu code to view the fully interactive online menu. Servers and food runners are able to locate and deliver orders to the table. 

Contactless Ordering

With your customized menu, guests can view descriptions, prices, pictures, as well as modify each menu item and purchase add-on upsells to increase your sales. 

Contactless Payment

No more servers scribbling orders. No more waiting for the bill. Built-in secure payment allow guests to pay the bill using their own devices so they can leave when they are ready.

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No More Waiting

Imagine your guests being able to place and receive their own orders and pay when they’re ready to leave. No more waiting to order or the bill to arrive. Just pay & leave.


No app needed. Guests simply scan the code on their table and enter the table number.


Guests browse the customizable menu and select the food and drink items, then place the order and pay.


Servers and staff members simply run food and drinks to the table, allowing you to have less staff scheduled.


Guests can order and reorder as much as they want.

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Try it Yourself

Scan the Code

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What Restaurant Guests Are Saying

I love Order Patrol! I love everything about it. One of my favorite restaurants uses it, which means I'm able to earn loyalty points and get discounts on all my orders, whether I go eat there or order to-go food. It is AWESOME!
Jessica Saunders
Loyal Customer
First off you should know that I HATE waiting when I go out to eat, and Order Patrol couldn't be easier to use. I love that I can customize my order however I want it and that I don't have to wait for the bill. I pay and I'm out.
Trevor Sparks
Has Things to Do

Oh Yeah, Did We Mention...

Online Ordering System For Restaurants


Easily create your online menu so guests can order and pay from your website, Facebook page or even your own custom-made app. Guests can track their order the entire way.


Building loyalty builds repeat business which builds profits. At any time, guests can access loyalty rewards on their devices to unlock savings, which keeps them coming back for more.


Engage customers through promotions by introducing personalized offers while they are ordering. Great for capturing first time visitors and turning them into raving fans.


Manage and track every order as it comes in on your device. A notification alerts you to incoming orders so you can quickly fulfill them efficiently.

Online Ordering System For Restaurants

Why Choose Order Patrol?

No Subscription Fees

We only charge a per transaction fee which can be transferred to your guests, making this a completely free system for you to use.

Increase Sales

With modifier upsells, increase your sales by 30%. It is a fact that guests order more with an online cart experience than through a human.

Increase Table Turnover

Turn and burn baby. With the efficiency of automatic ordering and payments, table turnover increases by up to 20%

Reduce Labor

With a more efficient system in place, you can reduce the number of staff you have on-hand and run a lean, mean, money-making machine.

Reduce Order Errors

Allow your guests to order themselves and enter their own modifications to ensure their order is right every single time.

Own the Data

Don't give away customer information to 3rd party delivery services. Keep it for yourself so you can market to your guests and increase your profits.

Customized App

92% of people say they love ordering through their favorite restaurant's ordering app. We can build one for you with your restaurant's branding.


Capture new customers and turn existing customers into raving fans with our built-in coupon and promotions builder.

Fully Customizable Menu

Do away with paper menus and enter your entire menu via QR code, complete with photos, descriptions and forced modifiers.

Facebook Ordering

Turn your Facebook fans into loyal customers. Our Facebook App allows customers to order right from your Facebook page.

Easy Set-Up

Have your menu and your complete backend set-up in about an hour. If you need help or would like us to set you up, we can do that too.

Integrate with Your POS

Order Patrol has the ability to integrate with a number of POS systems so you can sync the two systems together.

What Restaurant Owners Are Saying

With there being a labor shortage, you guys literally saved my restaurant. With Order Patrol my guests can order and pay when they want, which means I can staff 30% less people and still serve them quickly and efficiently. Everyone is happy.
Jeremy Sing
Happy Owner


**The best thing about Order Patrol is that we charge a basic per transaction fee which can be transferred to the guest. 95% of our users choose this option and say they have little to no push-back, making Order Patrol a completely FREE restaurant ordering system for you to use.

No Monthly Subscription

Only 49¢

Per Transaction
(*Paid by the guest)

Who Can Use Order Patrol?

Make Your Guests Happy. Increase Your Sales.

Not only will your guests LOVE the convenience of ordering and paying right from their smartphones, but when ordering through an online platform, customers will spend 30% more on average through upsells and add-ons than when ordering with a human. That’s 30% more money in your pocket.

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Faster service. Happy guests. More turnover. Higher sales.