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Take a Peak Under the Hood

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Like Pouring Money Down the Drain

On the surface, using 3rd party delivery services to deliver your food to hungry customers sounds like a great option. After all, they promise to grow your business by X%, but growing your business and making a profit are two separate discussions, and if you’re a smart business owner, you realize that too much overhead erodes your profits and even causes you to lose money. 

3rd Party Food Delivery = The Kiss of Death

Order Patrol vs. Grubhub Yearly Costs

Let’s take a look at a comparison between Order Patrol and a common 3rd party restaurant delivery service like Grubhub, with following assumptions: Avg. order amount = $40 -> Avg. orders per day = 10 -> Avg. Grubhub commission = 30%.

Based on these assumptions, the yearly revenue would be $146,000 for take-out. Multiply that by 30% and Grubhub is taking $43,200 out of your pocket. Order Patrol on the other hand, takes $0 in commission fees and no monthly costs.

Order Patrol Online Ordering

Avg. Order $



Avg. Daily Orders



Total Revenue/Yr.



Commission Fees



Total Yearly Costs



Using Order Patrol, you can save $43,200 per Year!!!

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