The Printer

In this tutorial, you’ll learn:

Where to Purchase the Printer

The Star printer is a 3rd party printer that we use to receive and print orders directly from the Order Patrol backend. You can purchase the printer directly from Amazon by clicking the button below. We do not mark it up, nor do we make any money on the printer whatsoever.

How to Set-Up the Printer

Once your receive your printer, you should also receive a manual which can help in the set-up process. Before setting up the printer, there are a couple of things you need to do first:

Get the Order Notifier App

For iOS devices, go the app store and for Android go to the Google Play store on your device. Then search for ‘Order Notifier’ and you’ll easily find it. Looks like this:

Make Sure Bluetooth, Local Network & Notifications Are Turned On

In your settings on your device, scroll down until you see the Order Notifier App. Select it and then make sure that your Bluetooth, Local Network and Notifications are all turned on.


You will find these same instructions on the Order Notifier App itself, as well, under the Config tab.

  1. Install the ‘StarPRNT SDK’ app on your device to make sure that the printer is connected to the device. Then create a test print through the ‘StarPRNT SDK’ itself. You can easily find the ‘StarPRNT SDK’ app from the app store for iOS devices or the Google Play store for Android devices.
  1. If you are not able to make any printout from the ‘StarPRNT SDK’ app then the printer is not connected properly to the device and you may contact Star Micronics Support for help. Please keep repeating the second step until you have any receipt through the ‘StarPRNT SDK’ app.

  2. After the successful test printout from the second step, reopen the ‘Order Notifier’ app and navigate to the ‘Config” page of the app.

  3. On the Configuration page, first click on the ‘Detect Printer’ button on the top. Then click on the drop-down box and choose your printer from the list.

  4. Now click on the second drop down ‘Select Emulation’ and select the emulation that your printer uses and click on the ‘Save Config’ button. You can find your printer’s emulation from its manual that you received from Star Micronics along with the printer, or you can also try ‘hit and trial’ with all the emulation options until one of them works.

  5. Now, you should try a test order by clicking the ‘Test Print’ button. The printer should print a test receipt. You can also navigate to the Dashboard and try printing any order form from there.

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